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This blog and a Yahoo group, The911Debate, complement each other. Both focus on 9/11 exploitation, culpability, cover-ups, conspiracy theories, and manipulation of public opinion by both the Government and hoax peddlers (a surprising number of whom are former Government officials.) Fantastic theories, such as controlled demolitions destroying the World Trade Center and a guided missile rather than Flight 77 hitting the Pentagon, are drawing attention away from very real Government malfeasance.

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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Who Needs 9/11 Conspiracy Hoaxes?


First we need to define some terms. A hoax is a false claim designed to anger or frighten or fool people. A conspiracy theory is a theory that certain people conspire(d) to do something bad. A conspiracy hoax is a conspiracy theory that is a hoax.


The theory that our leaders conspired to invade Iraq to promote our oil ambitions and our plan for the New World Order. The theory that 9/11 Commission members conspired to cover up criminal dereliction of duty by Bush for not reacting properly to FBI warnings that a major Al Qaeda strike in the US seemed imminent.


Hoax-1. The Government’s claim that Muslim terrorists conspire to attack us because they hate us for our democratic freedoms and liberal values.
Hoax-2. The claim that our Government planned and carried out the 9/11 attacks and destroyed the WTC buildings with planted explosives.
Who needs the first? Of course the Government and nobody else.
Who needs the second? Again the Government and nobody else. But this assertion needs some explaining.

A crucial election is coming up. The public is getting wise to Bush’s lies about why we invaded Iraq and why so many Arabs and Muslims hate us. Bush is taking the heat for his 9/11 negligence and Hurricane Katrina bumbling. A Carl Rove type trick is needed. The 9/11 hoax claim that the Government planned and staged the attack and destroyed the WTC buildings using planted explosives is just the thing. So preposterous that it will bring out the Republican vote in November and weaken the Democrat turnout, since few Republicans will believe the hoax and the Democrats will be split. Attention will be drawn away from Bush lies and failures. Attention will be drawn away from the fact that Muslim terrorists are not going to stop attacking us until we stop harming them and supporting Israeli ethnic cleansing.

The Republicans are not the only ones who don’t believe the claim that our Government staged the 9/11 attack. The principal architects of this hoax don’t believe it either.

Take Jim Hoffman, for example. He is the leading 9/11 "Truth" theorist and architect of this hoax. In my Internet postings I have shown that he does not believe his own claim that planted explosives destroyed the WTC buildings.

For example, in a July 22, 2005 posting titled "Critique of Jim Hoffman's Analyses--Part I" on my blog, http://the911debate.blogspot.com, I show that in a KPFA interview Hoffman claimed that 16 tons of high explosives would account for his analysis of the collapse of the WTC North Tower. While later in the very same interview he claimed the energy required would be 1.5 million kilowatt-hours. Even if you round this down to 1 million kilowatt-hours it would have required 800 tons of TNT for each WTC tower. It is impossible for Hoffman to believe both of his claims: that he calculates that 1.5 million kilowatt-hours (800 tons of TNT) would have been necessary, and also that he calculates that 16 tons of high explosives would have been sufficient. It is logically impossible for Hoffman to believe both of his claims. Furthermore, I show in the same blog posting that Hoffman never calculated 16 tons at all but that he plagiarized this figure from an anonymous critic of his analyses.

Later in the KPFA interview Hoffman said that he no longer believed that planted explosives caused the WTC tower collapses. But instead he had come to believe that giant masers (very-long wave Lasers) provided the huge energy that he calculated to have been needed to bring the twin towers down. But besides being a brazen plagiarist, Hoffman is a chameleon who changes his color depending on who his audience is. After first claiming explosives were used he later said he no longer believed the explosives theory. But he had come to believe that giant masers were employed instead of explosives. Later he goes back to explosives, as in his critique of a Popular Mechanics Article debunking the 911 conspiracy hoaxes.

Hoffman, who is a Defense Department employee working at the Lawrence Livermore nuclear weapons laboratory, is by far the most gifted of the 911 "truth researchers". He is a prolific writer and has a brilliant website, but he makes no attempt to be internally consistent in his own arguments: just snow the audience with a flood of dazzling claims, no single one of the claims by itself having any plausibility. He has set the tone for the flood of 911 "truth researchers", such as David Ray Griffin and Dylan Avery who have followed him: just cherry pick. That is, just focus on those snippets of evidence that support what you’re trying to "prove" and ignore all contrary evidence. Cherry picking is not research, which consists of searching out all the available pieces of evidence and evaluating it and weighing it to come to whatever conclusion the preponderance of evidence leads to. No, cherry picking is not research: it is the essence of propaganda.

Later I will post on my blog arguments showing that none of the most prominent ten 9/11 "truth researchers" believe all that they claim to believe.


Dylan Avery’s Internet Blockbuster video Loose Change is the current rage among 9/11 "truth seekers." It is the most extreme of the hoax versions: No airliners hit any buildings or crashed, no passenger lives were lost, no Arab terrorists were involved or lost their lives, and on and on. Below are some links to very easy refutation of the whole range of 9/11 hoaxes, both the false claims by the government and the false claims by the 9/11 "truth researchers":

http://www.loosechangeguide.com/LooseChangeGuide.html--Very thorough refutation of Loose Change.

http://wtc.nist.gov/pubs/factsheets/faqs_8_2006.htm--What the forensic professionals say.

http://implosionworld.com/Article-WTC9-6-06.pdf--Convincing disproof of planted-explosives theory.

http://www.911myths.com/index.html--Best site for refutation of all the 9/11 "truth researchers" claims.

http://www.representativepress.org/--Best exposure of both Government and 9/11 "truth researcher" hoaxes.


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