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This blog and a Yahoo group, The911Debate, complement each other. Both focus on 9/11 exploitation, culpability, cover-ups, conspiracy theories, and manipulation of public opinion by both the Government and hoax peddlers (a surprising number of whom are former Government officials.) Fantastic theories, such as controlled demolitions destroying the World Trade Center and a guided missile rather than Flight 77 hitting the Pentagon, are drawing attention away from very real Government malfeasance.

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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

9/11 Conspiracy Theories and Hoax Rebuttals


By John Kimber, owner of this blog.

Going to the URL http://tinyurl.com/o4j57 brings up a valuable 911research.wtc.net page that has an excellent review of the expose book, Without Precedent: The Inside Story of the 9/11 Commission, and also provides a powerful 3 minute video refuting claims that planted explosives brought down the WTC buildings. To play the video click on the second button from the left side of the screen, the one that says, "Facts the `9/11 Skeptics' don't want you to see."
The book reviewed by 911RESEARCH is an extraordinary expose of what went on inside the 9/11 Commission and was written by its Co-Chairs, Thomas Kean and Lee Hamilton.
The excellent video 9/11: Press for Truth, being premiered September 6, is on the same topic.

Another link, http://911research.wtc7.net/essays/green/loose_change.html , brings up a poignant review of the conspiracy-theory thriller, LOOSE CHANGE. An excerpt from the review by Michael Green follows:

"The DVD `Loose Change' by rising media artist Dylan Avery has been touted by some members of the 911-truth community as the best presentation yet, as the `best evidence' (a reference to David Lifton's book, `Best Evidence' on the JFK assassination). This review will show that the DVD is anything but that; if it is not naive, foolish, uninformed and ignorant, then it is the work of a calculating mole or at best a naпf who has been used by such."

Green's reference to "a calculating mole" refers to the value LOOSE CHANGE has to the Government in directing attention away from real Government crimes and ineptness onto a wild hypno-hoax pseudo-documentary purporting to show that no commercial airliners hit any buildings on 9/11, there were no suicide terrorists involved, the Government staged the attacks, the passengers of the airliners are alive and being held in some safe location, and so on. The same effect could be achieved by peddling claims that George W Bush regularly molested his daughters when children and visits his ranch in Texas to bugger some of his calves, with Cheyney , Rumsfield, Rove and Condi sometimes holding the frightened animals. The point is, if the left buys into such hoaxes and peddles them then the Democratic Party is hurt at the polls.

Actually, viewed as a work of art, LOOSE CHANGE is a must-see for anyone interested in exciting sci-fi films. The dramatic effectiveness of it comes from the superb narration of boy-wonder Dylan Avery, who does in video what Orson Wells did with his "invasion from mars" radio show in the late thirties. Avery started out intending to create a fiction video but later changed it to the "documentary" format. It is still fiction. But no matter. See the video. It is the initial work of a youth who could become another Spielberg. To view the video GOOGLE on the expression "Loose Change" video, and several video.google.com links come up. Or you can go to the URL http://www.loosechange911.com/ to view the film or download a compressed version for viewing or for burning your own free copy on a DVD.

The link http://911research.wtc7.net/reviews/loose_change/pentagon.html brings up a devastating expose of the hoax nature of Loose Change: The 9-11Research Companion to LOOSE CHANGE 2ND EDITION, -which is detailed point-by-point critique of the film using an illustrated transcript.
The most thorough and compelling rebuttal of the planted-explosives theory can be viewed at http://wtc.nist.gov/ . Click on the button, Details on NIST WTC Investigation on the lower right column of the screen.

An 11 page rebuttal, by a prominent demolition expert, of the planted-explosives theory can be found at

http://implosionworld.com/WTC%20COLLAPSE%20STUDY%20BBlanchard%208-8-06.pdf#search=%22%22brent%20blanchard%22%20wtc%22 .

Left click on the above link to view, right click to download.


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